• jtclinton says

      Yes, I know I certainly worship this totem (much to my consternation) sometimes! I’m glad you approve of the produce thrown into the mix – it made my stomach hurt drawing all that meat and cheese, so I HAD to draw some veggies and fruit, too.

    • jtclinton says

      Thanks! It seemed like a narrower topic for “Illustration Friday” than usual, so I had to try to think outside the box for it.

    • jtclinton says

      Thanks! I made myself hungry, too. Actually I was hungry when I started, which may have been why I drew it…

      I loved your colorful cat totem, too!

  1. says

    This made me hungry!!! Looks like you’ve covered all the critical food groups – the spaghetti group, the pizza group, the burger group……. 😉 Very clever response to this week’s prompt!

    • jtclinton says

      Pizza, spaghetti, and carrots…it’s all a girl needs! I love the critters you post each week for Illustration Friday. They’re quite the characters.


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