Illustration Friday: Onomatopoeia

This week’s theme for Illustration Friday is Onomatopoeia, so I decided to illustrate “crunch”.  (Digression: I’m sure I’m not the only person who has to say “On-o-mat-o-poe-ia” aloud as they write it so that they get the spelling correct.  Anyone, anyone?)

Anyway…as you can see, this week’s illustration has quite the Fall flavor to it.  Because…I.  Love.  Fall.

Rest assured, I love all the seasons– you’ll probably find me freaking out about how great Winter is, too, once it rolls around the corner.  But for now, it is Fall, and for the next few months, the artwork I post here will be a celebration of it’s glory.

You see, what’s great about Fall is it’s natural intensity.  The colors, lighting, temperature swings, and even the flavors become so intense.  Nature is ablaze with luscious colors, and the contrast between the crisp blue sky and the fiery foliage is…well…intense!  Everything becomes cinnamon flavored and all the sudden I’m eating steaming mush from the crockpot instead of ice cream and salads (oh wait, the cold doesn’t stop me from eating ice cream…ever…).

Fall is also intensely nostalgic, a quality which, combined with the vivid colors and the sunshine and the sweaters that I pull out of the closet, makes me feel very emotional.  After so many years of September meaning the bittersweet Return to School, how could one NOT find oneself constantly reliving all the Autumns of yore?  Fall reminds me of how wonderful and poignant life has been (and still is).  It makes me quite passionate.

I’ll curb the ramblings and just give you one savory morsel regarding this week’s illustration. Those shoes, all a’crunchin’ on the leaves, are the beloved Converse All Stars I faithfully wore throughout middle and high school.  Lots of living happened in those shoes, but alas, they did not survive to be worn at my wedding, as I had always dreamed they would.  I tearfully had to retire them when the holes they accumulated finally outnumbered any aspects that might have once been recognizable as “shoe”.




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      Thanks Kari. At first, I really wanted to illustrate “crunch” without actually writing the word anywhere (sounds like you felt the same way about yours). I find it challenging to incorporate text into my illustrations in an aesthetically pleasing way. So thanks, I’m glad my approach ended up working!

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