Autumn Sketches

Happy Friday, all!

I have a few doodles to show you this week:



The above picture is the view I see each morning when I’m eating breakfast. I sketched it out while eating my oatmeal and then turned it into an ink and watercolor illustration later. I was amused by all the lines, angles, and patterns that occur in the manmade parts of the view.  There’s the doorframe, the curb, the siding, the shingles, the balcony rungs…etc.  When I made the version above, I decided that using color only for the “organic”, blobby stuff would help emphasize the stark linear look of the buildings. That’s one of the things I enjoy observing in life —  the visual contrast between man-made patterns and organic patterns.

The rest of my sketches were just little experiments. I went for a walk and noticed how some trees’ leaves change in random clusters (rather sporadically), while others seem to transition from summer to fall with a smooth gradient bleeding down from top to bottom.  The gradient reminded me of watercolors mixing, so I played with that a little when I got home.





I hope you enjoy these! Isn’t Autumn inspiring? I THINK SO!


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