Illustration Friday: Secret

Happy November, everybody. Hopefully by now, you’ve all “Fallen Back” and have your clocks set appropriately.

I used to despise the end of Daylight Savings Time. My energy level seems quite in sync with the daylight. When the sun goes down, my productivity curls up in a ball and takes a drool-y nap (you know, like it sleeps with its mouth open and drools and snores). So, historically, when the sun started setting at 4:00 (actually, when I lived in Minnesota, it was more like 3:00…or 12:00…or maybe it never came up…[jk I love Minnesota, it’s my favorite]), I would spend a few days in an indignant rage towards the fools that initiated Daylight Savings in the first place. Didn’t they know they were putting all us sun-creatures at a severe handicap?!

THIS YEAR, however, I actually found myself looking forward to the time change. Because, brilliant child that I am, I realized that the sun going down earlier ALSO means the sun comes UP earlier! I love mornings. For me, they are the best times for making art, petting cats, and eating oatmeal. Yes, all joking aside, I seriously am a morning person. It is when I am most fruitful with generating ideas for art and getting started on projects. And the earlier I wake up, the better! But only if it’s not dark outside, and that is why the end of Daylight Savings Time is great.

The. End.

But not really. That was just a little ramble for you all. Now down to brass tacks. The theme for Illustration Friday (fyi: the theme is posted every Friday, and artists then have the following week to post their illustration of that theme before the next Friday, when a new theme is announced) is “Secret”. Here’s mine:


I was struggling a bit to come up with a quick idea (my projects gotta be quick these days because I’m in the midst of illustrating another children’s book) for “secret” that would be in keeping with my Fall theme but wouldn’t be centered around scenes fromĀ nature. As I’m sure you can see, most of my Fall illustrations have been about nature, and I wanted something fresh and different (even though nature is my favorite). Then I happened to come across a picture on the internet of a school bus, and my idea was born.

Fall and the school bus: they’re like peanut butter and jelly. I’ve given you enough rambling for today, so I won’t wax nostalgic about the “1 million reasons why stinky yellow buses are so meaningful to me at this time of year”. I’m sure you have your own school bus memories associated with this season, so feel free to indulge them and share in the Comments. What does this illustration make you think about?

Like I said, I’m not going to go on and on, but I’ll leave you with a morsel to tug your heartstrings and spark your curiosity:

Years ago, I played the trumpet in my high school’s marching band. We rode lots of school buses to football games and band competitions. When I was a freshman, I held hands with the boy who was the Drum Major while we rode the bus home, late one October night.

9 years later, I married him. It was October. And we were still holding hands.


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