Illustration Friday: Tail

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I’ve been busy cranking out the illustrations for, can you believe it, what will be the third book I’ve illustrated this year (I’m not gonna lie, that feels pretty good to say!), but I did manage to spare some time to do an illustration for this week’s Illustration Friday topic.

The theme is “Tail”. And, just to shock you all, I did NOT do an illustration involving cats and their tails. No no, this is far better.

I give you:

Illustration Friday_Tail

Yes, yes, lest we forget, turkeys have tails too. As you can see above, Tom got his tail PERMED. Unfortunately, the ladies seem to find it unappealing. Poor Tom.

As an added bonus, I’m also sharing with you the sketches I did before doing the above illustration. Below are my trials and errors in figuring out a good way to render turkeys, both permed and…not-permed. I added some notes for educational purposes.


I bet you didn’t know that male turkeys have beards! (Or maybe you did…but didn’t). When I told him about turkey beards, my husband immediately did an unfruitful Google search to find out if you can pick a turkey up by its beard. Go figure.

The End.

Oh, but just in case you’re interested, here are links to the two books I illustrated earlier this year:

The Log House by Katarina S. Koep, illustrated by me

Spooky House by Katarina S. Koep, illustrated by me

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