Happy December

Sometimes, I feel silly that all the work I show you on this blog is so basic. I worry that I’m letting you all down by not posting weekly fine art masterpieces, rich in detail and impressive technique. Because, truth be told, I DO make a fine “masterpiece” now and again.  Just check this guy out, for example:


(I call this “The Happiest Cat in the World”. This is a painting I did in college. The assignment was to appropriate and combine elements from two different famous paintings to create an entirely new composition. I combined a self portrait by Albrecht Durer and “Portrait of Mademoiselle Julie Manet with cat” by Pierre-Auguste Renoir).

But honestly, what makes that more a “masterpiece” than the doodles and quickies I like to share with you from week to week?

Take this for example:


Don’t you want to be one of these people? I know I do! (Oh wait, I AM one of these people). Doesn’t it make you feel a bit warmer, perhaps a tad more relaxed?

So there, this simple illustration is effective as a piece of art that evokes a human response — it’s as much a “masterpiece” as my paintings that take hours and hours and require the “technical skills” of Durer the German master. (Not that I can compare myself to Durer. He didn’t get the luxury of working from photographs, for one thing…)

In conclusion, I leave you with some advice:

Sometimes, simpler is better.

Remember that this month if you find yourself stressing out instead of celebrating the joy of the holiday season.



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      Thanks! That means a lot coming from someone who is so skilled at making intriguing photographs of some of life’s simpler moments. You have a way of capturing the simple beauty of things! I deeply admire that.

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