Two Christmas-y Experiments

Does anyone ever use the app “Paper”? I have it on my iPad and play with it from time to time, but I’m no expert at how to get the different drawing tools to do what I want so I often get frustrated and resort to normal sketching. There are some impressive things that people make with it, though, so I try to keep at using it to see what results I can get.

One thing I realized is that I get much better results with “Paper” when I stop trying to use the tools the way I would use traditional drawing tools. Instead, I try to remember that its an entirely new medium, all its own. Therefore, if I have a vision of something that looks like a hand-drawn drawing, I should probably just hand draw it (what a silly thing to even have to tell myself!). And by extension, I should use “Paper” to create things that it’s unique tools are more suited for — things that I perhaps couldn’t produce with real paint, pencils, pens, and what have you.

I guess that’s another life lesson that can be applied to things more generally: We make things unnecessarily difficult for ourselves when we insist on approaching things in a certain, narrow way. Life requires us to be flexible, open to the things that the present situation throws at us. When we embrace the present situation, we’re enabled to work WITH reality instead of against it. This minimizes struggle and opens us up to broader and, I believe, more enriching life experiences.

You can take that or leave it, I suppose. Anyway, here are two things I created with “Paper” that I think turned out pretty well, using my more open minded approach:




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