Illustration Friday: Spirit

December has been a busy month (what with commissioned artwork that needed to get done before Christmas, and an absurd amount of obligatory Christmas cookie baking), hence the slowdown of postings around here. Nevertheless, I did manage to make some time to do an illustration for Illustration Friday. This week’s theme is “Spirit”, so I’ve created for you a visual representation of my inner spirit.

You better not laugh!  I was quite afraid of revealing my “inner spirit” to you, and nearly backed out, but here she is:


This is how I feel when I am out in nature, particularly when I’m out at my grandma’s farm in Minnesota (I won’t ramble on about Grandma, but let me just tell you that she is the BEST!). I breathe in the fresh air and feel my spirit buoyed up by the amazing realization that I (yes, puny little me!) get to be a small part of the huge and glorious expanse of sky and earth that surround me. I feel radiant and free, whole and at peace.

But no, my hair isn’t really that long. Yet.

Stay tuned for later postings of some of the commissioned paintings I made this month!


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    • says

      Thank you! I was afraid it would come off as rather cliche, but even if it did, it made me feel in touch with myself, so who cares. Glad you like it, too!

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