Winter Beasts

Well, despite the media’s excitement, this “blizzard” — Hercules, they’re calling “him”–  that supposedly blasted us last night seems to have come and gone in the night, and now the sun is shining and the seagulls (can someone please explain to me what the seagulls are doing here? I don’t live at the beach!) are swooping.

Yesterday, I found myself frantically flipping through my sketchbooks from 2013 in search of some notes I scribbled down about an idea for a project I was saving for the future. That future is now…but the notes I once wrote are no where to be found.  It seems I was a rather disorganized lady in the beginning of 2013. My search yesterday was a good reminder of the progress I made throughout the year — progress in becoming more organized with my art business. Frantic searches for my materials and notes used to be a fairly common experience for me in the beginning of my freelance career. Nowadays, however, such events are rare (with the exception of yesterday, which was a result of my FORMER disorganization anyway). Presently, I’m more likely to be found frantically searching for the onion powder in the back of the spice cabinet than for anything business related. So, WAHOO for that!

In my searches, I found some quick sketches of arctic animals, mainly polar bears, that I did last February. I remember being very amused by how lumpy and, quite frankly, dumb, polar bears look when they’re sitting down. (Of course they don’t seem so dumb when they decide to go maul a walrus). These sketches aren’t anything fancy, just exercises in observing shapes and contours. In any case, they seem appropriate for today’s snow day, so I’m sharing some of them with you. I hope you see what I meant about the polar bears:


Happy Friday, and don’t forget to stay warm! It’s cccccccoooooooollllllldddd out there.

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