Doodles from the Archives: Winter Musk Oxen and Spring Tulips

I’m feeling a bit under the weather this week. As a result, I’ve slowed down artistic production in favor of getting acquainted with the couch. I have a hard time being sick because I don’t like doing nothing…it makes me feel guilty (even though I shouldn’t). Yesterday, I found myself engaged in the following dialogue with myself:

Me: I don’t feel well, I should probably just stop trying to “work” and let myself do nothing. Maybe I’ll actually be able to fall asleep. You know, like a nap?

Myself: Yeah, but you have stuff to do. Here’s a list of 100 things that I just made up that you should feel stressed about not doing RIGHT NOW. Also, I’m continuing to add to this list as we speak. And if you don’t do these things…well, you can’t even imagine how terrible that would be…

Me: But, these are all deadlines made up…can’t I just put them aside for right now and think about them more rationally when I’m feeling better?

Myself: No, you procrastinating fool! Have you no pride?! You’re useless!

Me: I have enough pride to take care of myself when I need taking care of. I’m going to go take a nap. Get lost.

Myself: Suit yourself. But riddle me this Batman: Does the President of the United States take sick days?

Me: …..?….(slumps off in defeat)……

In order to prove to myself that I wasn’t useless, I looked back through the piles of old sketchbooks I have accumulated over the years. It’s always an uplifting surprise to find the gems that are hiding among the pages. It serves as mental protection against all those times when I feel like I’m “creating nothing good”, because I look back and see that, even in moments when I felt like I was just making scribbles to pass the time, I was actually creating pretty interesting things.

Even the little things — like the doodles that seemed insignificant when I first made them — can bring brightness to a grumpy, mucous-y day. 

Ok, ok, on to the art. These are from some sketchbooks I filled in college. Consider this a celebration of the upcoming change of seasons.

First, we have a winter-themed page of Musk Oxen drawings:


Followed by a colored pencil drawing (or design or whatever) of some tulips, in anticipation of spring:


Enjoy! (and I’ll be less negative next time, I promise) 🙂


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