Birthday Hippo

Hey there! Long time no see.

Since I’ve been busy with larger acrylic paintings lately, I haven’t made much time to do any doodles or illustrations. I need to force myself to do them, though. It’s good practice, and it frees up my mind and my creativity. Plus, I like to have stuff to share with you!

But hey, today I do have something to share!

Here’s a birthday hippo that I made for a greeting card. Is today your birthday? HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Today’s NOT your birthday? HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANYWAY!


All my love,




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      Thanks, Kari! Hopefully I’ll start posting more regularly, soon. Enjoy teaching art this summer! With that age group in particular, you’re sure to learn so much about how different peoples’ minds work creatively, since theirs won’t be boxed in by limiting beliefs yet. It’ll be a challenge!

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