Skyline Painting

Here’s an informal photo from my studio featuring my most recent painting. It was commissioned by my brother-in-law to hang in his NYC apartment.


I’m curious what other people “read” into this painting. For me, the drips represent several things. On a basic level, they remind me of the subway system, since they are dripping down beneath the skyline and because the colors remind me of those used on subway maps. But they also represent the individual lives of all the people that come in and out of the city, both daily and over the course of history. Each line is different, like people, and each follows its own path, the same way we each chart our own course through life. Some of the drips end up pairing up and joining paths. Their colors combine and become something new. And some of the drips break off from others and find a different way. It’s the drippy network of humans coming and going in the world — a representation of the way each person spreads their influence from one place to another through communicating, traveling, and connecting along the way.



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