Brought to You From Green Meadows Farm: Beets and Radishes!

My husband and I have been enjoying the first few weeks of our summer produce share from a local CSA, Green Meadows Farm. This week’s share featured various greens, a handful of garlic scapes, a pint of organic strawberries, and a stoic cucumber. All were delicious, but I have to say, it was the beets and radishes that stole the show. Why? Well… (excuse my shallowness)…because they are BEAUTIFUL!

This week’s share also brought with it a miracle. That’s right friends, a miracle! Here’s how it played out:

Rewind to a few weeks ago, when I bought some beets from the grocery store and roasted them for dinner. Upon sitting down to eat, I discovered, to my shock and dismay, that I could not STAND the taste of beets anymore! Thus ensued an identity crisis in which I was forced to grapple with some big existential questions. Who was I without beets? What monster had I become? Was it possible that I…Jacque…the SUPREME Lover of Beets, would henceforth have to be called Jacque, Supreme Lover of All Vegetables EXCEPT Beets? Oh the turmoil. It was tough.

Then we got this week’s vegetable share from the farm, and my heart broke when I saw the beets. For 4 days I avoided eating them, choosing, instead, to commune with them artistically. Finally, this morning, a revelation came down from the sky (it WAS thundering, after all):

Put the beets in your oatmeal.” 

So I washed one, shredded it with the grater, and cooked it into my morning porridge (along with some other good stuff).

And — joy and jubilation — my heart of stone was made alive once more. For it was delicious, and beautiful to boot.

The end.

Beets_Sketch(And just for kicks, here are the radishes):


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  1. says

    I would never have thought to put beets in oatmeal. I may need to try that! Love your combos of black ink outlines and bright watercolors.

    • says

      Thanks! (Sorry, I didn’t see this comment until now!)
      I sometimes feel like I’m cheating by using such heavy black in my latest work (I’ve had so many teachers tell me never to use black), but I really like how it makes things look. I loved your watercolor experiments you posted in your July 10 on 10! What kind of watercolors do you use? Hope all is well 🙂

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