Today’s Illustration, Brought to You By the Letter “L”

L Things Illustration

Here’s the front of a birthday card I made for a certain sister of mine whose name begins with “‘L”. It was just a quick illustrated tribute to all the “L” things that I could think of (and was willing to draw) in one short afternoon. The inside of the card said “There are a lot of things in the world that start with ‘L’, but they ain’t got nothin’ on you!” That’s right, sister. I love you more than Leonard Nimoy!

Illustrated alphabets are always fun. I did a quick Google search this morning to find other artists’ versions of the ABCs that I could share with you, but (it’s no surprise) — there are so many! Thankfully, I stumbled upon Maria Popova’s list of unusual alphabet books (she’s the genius behind Brainpickings, a great blog for people who like art, writing, and exploring the depths of human creativity) and will leave it to her to show you some of the best.

That’s all for the moment. As always, thanks for stopping by!

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