Poles and wires: Illustrating what gets overlooked in day-to-day life

Telephone Poles
I’m not sure why, but telephone, cable, and electricity poles really fascinate me. I was snapping photos of them all summer because they kept grabbing my attention and screaming “DO SOMETHING WITH ME”. When I see them, my imagination runs wild.

Maybe I’m bemused by them because they seem more “organic” than other parts of our modern day infrastructure. Nature, it seems, won’t allow the power companies to overtake it. Instead, she incorporates the wires into the environment by tangling them in vines, covering them with trees, and spangling them with birds (yes I DID just say “spangling”, thank you!).

Yes, I take notice of these things – or rather, they FORCE me to notice them. Take a walk with me in town and I can show you the stretch of wire where all the pigeons like to gather. And I can take you to the one where, at approximately 5 PM each day, the mockingbird sits and talks to himself. Then there’s the spot where a tree trunk is literally ABSORBING a wire into its expanding girth. It’s great.

Well, after a nonstop summer, I finally found a moment to harness my obsession and make a careless illustration about it. While I was hoping my doodle would turn out more “whimsical” looking, it is, at least, a start.  I’ve learned that when I’m approaching new subject matter, I tend to start out with a more “realistic” drawing before I let loose. I guess that’s how I familiarize myself with things. It’s an exercise in observation through which I find my jumping off points — it helps me find the creative elements that I want to extract and play with later. So this might just be step 1 in yet another, lifelong side-project/distraction. (Add it to my restless desire to document all of life’s plants, birds, and cats, forever and ever, Amen). Woo, a mission! I shall, one day, bring the Telephone Pole to the forefront of artistic coolness!

But, lest you think I’ve wandered off the deep end, don’t worry! I haven’t really let the telephone poles take over my brain – I’ve got other projects going on, especially now that it’s FALL! But like my husband constantly reminds me, life is long. Goodness knows the telephone poles aren’t going anywhere. So for now I’ve calmed down (yeah right) and am, as always, carrying on with my creative endeavors. The telephone poles will be nearby when next I have time to rendezvous with them.

Whew! What a relief.

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