How to Commission a Painting


I take commissions for paintings ranging the gamut of styles and subjects. From realistic portraits to expressive abstracts, I’m happy to create the custom art that you want. An original painting made especially for you makes a wonderful addition to your home. It also makes a unique and special gift for someone you love.

The process begins when a client approaches me (usually through e-­mail) with an idea. Sometimes, clients have a particular idea for the subject and style of the painting they want. Often, however, they are looking for a unique artwork that will coordinate with the style or color-­scheme of their home. Or they have an emotion, personal interest, or memory that they want expressed in a way that words cannot. We discuss their idea and ask questions until we both have a clear understanding of what they want.

After our thorough discussions and e-­mail exchanges, I make a few thumbnail sketches of different takes on their idea. I e-­mail these to my client, welcoming feedback and  changes until I get the concept right. I also propose my price and timeline estimates for the project.

At that point, if the client is happy to proceed, I send them an invoice for the first 25% of payment, which is required before I begin painting to confirm both of our commitment to the project. Then I begin.

If the client wishes, I e-­mail photos of the work-­in-­process to them, to make sure I’m still on the right track. If the client has changes they want to make, it is preferred that they be made while the painting is still in process. When the painting is  finished, I show them the final image (either by e-­mail or in person) and do any  small changes they may want. After that, an $80 fee applies for any additional changes  requested.

Finally, the finished piece is delivered (or shipped) to the client, along with an invoice for the remaining payment. If the client wants the piece framed, additional time and costs apply. I am happy to discuss this with interested parties.

And that’s it! So please, don’t be shy – I would love to hear your ideas and come up with something that suits your needs. You can e-­‐mail me at to ask questions, discuss your ideas, and request a commission.

I am committed to making art that means something to the people that see it. There’s no better way to do that than making art specifically for YOU!

Commissioned Painting: Steel Mill