New Print on Etsy: “The Cat in the Highest Tower” Pen and Ink Illustration

Remember this illustration?

Pen and ink illustration of a cat watching birds from the top window of a CRAZY tower house, by Jacque Oman Clinton

“The Cat in the Highest Tower”, pen and ink

It’s one of my favorites from the last few months. It’s fun to imagine what I’d use all the rooms of that house for. (It’s NOT so fun to imagine vacuuming all the stairs).

Well, I finally got around to making it into a print, which is available now over in my Etsy shop! It comes in two sizes, 8×10″ or 5×7″ (though I must say, the 8×10″ looks particularly superb). So please, head over to my shop and buy one for yourself and all your favorite friends! (I have one hanging in my dining room, now. It makes me smile every time I see it). "The Cat in the Highest Tower" art print from illustrator Jacque Oman ClintonThanks as always for stopping by and showing your support. Happy May, my friends!

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Just a Little Cat Sketch

I got some new fountain pens for Christmas — they’re WONDERFULLY handy! Like many artists, I like to sketch with nibs because the line quality is more versatile than with technical pens. With these new pens, I can sketch anywhere without worrying about spilling jars of ink, because they have their own refillable ink cartridges. (Yes I know, what a technological advancement!) Wahoo! I plan on doing lots of travel sketching with them, among other things.

The sketch below was done to test the range of thickness and line quality I can get with said pens. It’s based on a photo my husband took of one of our cats, Miko, sleeping soundly in her carpeted cat “hut”. Nothing fancy, but I’d figure I’d post it just to stay in touch.




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