Poached Trout

Here’s an illustration I did this week.

I find it interesting that the thing that inspired this was not the cuteness of cats, nor the pleasure of drawing mushrooms, but rather, how lovely I think my cutting board is.  Every time I chop veggies on it, I think about how I want to do a watercolor painting that captures its beautiful woodgrain and it’s maple-y color.  Unfortunately, as I worked through this illustration, I realized that visually, this was not going to be about the cutting board at all (those pesky cats stole the limelight!).

So in the end, I didn’t get to do the obsessive detailing I long to do in order to sing praise to the under appreciated cutting board.  I guess I aught to do a painting that solely focuses on the cutting board, without attaching it to any visual story about curious cats…

…because cats are awfully distracting, are they not?


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