Watercolor Leaves: For Sale at Society 6!

Watercolor Fall LeavesHi Friends! Happy October!

You might remember this painting from March, when I posted it for the first time. Now it, along with some of my other work, is available as a print here:


I just started with Society 6, so not all my work is up yet. Be sure to keep checking back to see what’s new as I continue to add more stuff! (And spread the word to anyone you think might be interested).

Hope you enjoy this beautiful season. I love October, and I’m determined not to let a second of it pass me by ­čÖé

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Autumn Sketches

Happy Friday, all!

I have a few doodles to show you this week:



The above picture is the view I see each morning when I’m eating breakfast. I sketched it out while eating my oatmeal and then turned it into an ink and watercolor illustration later. I was amused by all the lines, angles, and patterns that occur in the manmade parts of the view. ┬áThere’s the doorframe, the curb, the siding, the shingles, the balcony rungs…etc. ┬áWhen I made the version above, I decided that using color only for the “organic”, blobby stuff would help emphasize the stark linear look of the buildings. That’s one of the things I enjoy observing in life — ┬áthe visual contrast between man-made patterns and organic patterns.

The rest of my sketches were just little experiments. I went for a walk and noticed how some trees’ leaves change in random clusters (rather sporadically), while others seem to transition from summer to fall with a smooth gradient bleeding down from top to bottom. ┬áThe gradient reminded me of watercolors mixing, so I played with that a little when I got home.





I hope you enjoy these! Isn’t Autumn inspiring? I THINK SO!


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